About us

We are one of the oldest building companies in British Columbia, Canada, focusing on building houses in Abbotsford and the area. We have gathered an experienced team to construct best quality houses in the most convenient locations of Abbotsford. Our energy efficient houses are constructed using only level-one building materials for you to be sure that you will get only reasonable utility bills and will not need any repairing for decades.

Our wide network of business partners includes many contractors providing property moving, interior designing, window and door replacing and other services which will be very useful for you after buying a new house. We really care that your moving to our house will be a holiday for you and you enjoy living there from the first day.

A combination of highest quality materials, professional team and fair dealing conditions is our formula of success which we apply every day to create new homes and new life for you.

Useful Tips

For those who are planning to move, check some useful tips below:

  • Feel your partner/spouse cheat you? Have some problems with your new colleague? Need to secure properties? Private detective is your best solution. With proven methodology, you will get confidential investigation services.
  • New in town?? Sure, you need professional family dentists to stay healthy for all time. Check best specialists to find the best one with first-class services.
  • Don't forget about your rights and security. Durham accident lawyers are the ones to start searching just after you moving. Nothing may happen. But know the right specialist is your main priority.